Inward Journey

We offer the Inward Journey program to those who completed the 8-week MBSR/ MBCT program or practicing meditation in regular basis and would like to deepen their practice. This program support participant to have a better understanding of their emotional reactions and thought patterns, limited beliefs and fears. To get a positive result, it is essential that participant follows the daily practices.

Overview of Inward Journey program:

  • The criticizer and the compassionate observer
  • Exploring self-compassion
  • Changing your critical self-talk
  • Identifying what you really want
  • Identifying your fears
  • What to do with fears and limited beliefs

Seeing the positive result of this program it’s depend on your practices and wiliness to change habits and thought patterns. Therefore your commitment to the daily practice is extremely important.

Length: 4 sessions
Intensity: Once a week, every Saturday
Duration: 1 hour each

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