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What is mindfulness?

It is a simple yet powerful practice of paying attention to our thoughts, emotions and body's sensations in a non-judgmental manner.

Mindfulness UAE provides evidence-based mindfulness training with highly certified teachers who help individuals and corporations become happier and healthier versions of themselves.

Our Programs

Mindfulness in group or private

  • Mindfulness Beginner’s Mind
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Mindfulness for Chronic Pain
  • Mindfulness for Children
  • Mindfulness for Teenagers

Our group and private programs are designed for individuals who are prone to depression relapse, suffering from stress, anxiety and panic attack. Our programs combines the practice and clinical application of mindfulness meditation with tools of cognitive therapy.


Mindfulness taster sessions

We created the workshops to make it incredibly easy for you to understand how mindfulness can be beneficial for you before you commit to a full program. Our workshops can help you deal with:

  • Stress Management
  • Relationship Conflict
  • Anxiety and Panic Attack
  • Silent Retreat
Peace at work

Mindfulness For Workplaces

Organizations are increasingly concerned with the resilience and wellbeing of employees. In part because of growing awareness of the costs of absenteeism and staff turnover associated with stress and mental health problems.

Mindfulness is a research-backed method favoured by Google, Proctor & Gamble, Apple, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter, Nike and many more organizations. It is a solution to support employee wellbeing and to improve work performance.

  • Improve employee’s health & well-being
  • Enhance creativity and clarity, leading to improving problem-solving
  • Improve emotional intelligence, resulting in improving communication
  • Improve employee performance

Start your journey with Mindfulness UAE


Our mission is to makes a difference in people’s life. We inspire, support and help individuals thrive and to have a positive lifestyle.

Group & Private Sessions

We understand that everyone has unique needs. This is why we offer programs in both group or private settings. Our goal is to work with you holistically, to provide long-term results that you can implement into your lifestyle for years to come.

Highly qualified teachers

We are the pioneer in teaching mindfulness programs MBSR in the UAE. Programs are delivered by a certified teacher from University of San Diego.


The voice of our clients

I am so happy that I was able to join a mindfulness session by Bahar. She helped me to realize that even though I cannot always control the amount of stress in life I can control how I react to it. I am now also more focused on the present moment and being more aware whereas before I would often dwell on the past and worry about what was coming up. It takes time to shift your way of thinking and approaching life but I do think that the skills I learned from Bahar can help not only myself but anyone who takes the time to bring more mindfulness into their life.

Michelle GilbertExecutive Director of Swiss Business Council

Outstanding contribution by Mindfulness UAE for ADNOC Health & Well-Being program for Female employees

Wafa Al MalkiADNOC Offshore General Balance Committee Chairperson

It was exciting to work with Bahar to understand how powerful mindfulness can be in a work environment, as well as to hear about the scientific backing..

Carlota Ferre Operation ManagerOperation Manager, Our Space

I had the privilege of hosting Bahar as a guest speaker for the Dubai Business Women Council to deliver a session on Mindfulness in 2018. Bahar managed to empower and enlighten our members and audience with the information and knowledge that she shared as shed the light on the importance of the topic matter at this day and age in order to achieve a more balanced lifestyle. Working with Bahar has not only been a great learning curve but a tremendous pleasure too.

Nadine HalabiDubai Business Women Council

To capture the session in 1 word: AWARENESS. I have always known there should be a different way of dealing with emotions and by attending Bahar’s Mindfulness session I became more aware of my own body telling me when I am about to react to a situation instead of responding and knowing the difference. We practiced mindful eating and I never thought of involving all my senses, another natural every activity: Breathing!! And how important it is. I would recommend Bahar and Mindfulness UAE personally, I recommend the earlier you start your mindfulness journey the better, I wish I could have done this years ago!

Amanda MichaletosPriority Management

I heard a lot about mindfulness and finally I decided to take the course. I checked few places and I chose Mindfulness UAE. They were very honest and genuinely helpful. Bahar was an experienced teacher and passionate about mindfulness.
After completing the course I noticed my mindset has shifted and I look at my life and my challenge in a more positive way.

Dimitra Prifti

As an entrepreneur I was facing lots of challenges and stress in my work. Although I had the passion for my business but I noticed the stress was affecting my health and wellbeing. I got in touch with Bahar and just by talking to her I knew the mindfulness program will help me to manage my stress in a better way. I did the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course and at the end of the program I felt much happier and more resilient.

Nazanin DelavarManaging Director at NTD petroleum

I attended the Mindfulness-Based Stress reduction program and that was really a life changing experience. I realized how much our mind can affect our health. I learned about my habitual reactions and negative thought patterns that were leading my decision and my life. It’s not about positive thinking it’s about getting to know yourself first and understanding that you have the power to change your life. I highly recommend Bahar, she works from her heart and very impressed with her team organizing the workshop

Ehsan HasanKhanGeneral manager at Noblaze co

I had a privilege to work with Bahar on hosting a Women’s Health and wellbeing conference in April 2019. Her passion and drive for what she does as well as to support the business women community is what sets her apart and grants her a unique stance. Bahar’s skills and passion towards the subject matter of mindfulness resonates and empowers those she is in contact with, because it comes from a place of genuine kindness. It was a pleasure working with Bahar.

Nadine HalabiBusiness Development Manager at the Dubai Business Women Council
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